Monday, February 8, 2010

Making the Entrance

Aunt Cara- I'm giving this my best shot. Entering myself into the blogging world and putting myself out there. I'll have to take the time to shoot the many creations that hang in my closet longing for a body to fall on so for now it will be one lonely blog with no visual excitement aside from the vast black backdrop in front of you. That will quickly change.

First I will tell you why I sew. . .

Because without art I have no way to express and release the many visions and feelings that swirl 'round in my brain like some kind of rainbow tornado. I want to create pieces that put a smile on one's face while the other stares in complete confusion. I have learned throughout this sewing journey that the more you try to reach everyone the more you reach no one. I do what I am inspired to do and you'll like it or. . .

I am a sucker for fashion television and magazines filled with pretty dresses and high heel shoes. I sit for hours with my sketch pad and German pencils (which I would never trade not even for gold) and put on paper what my heart tells my mind tells my hand. Usually I am quite satisfied with the results. I can't tell you that I am particularly inspired by any one source. . . I'd be lying and nobody likes a liar. I am intrigued by Europeans. I like risque, dark, mysterious, sexy. I also like bright colors and pieces that make me want to dance. I like comfort.

I have been ordering materials from New York, NY and I must add that I am very pleased with the result. Believe you-me I have certainly paid the price; hundreds of dollars later and several trips from NY(New York) to DL(Deer Lake) to NY and back to DL my materials finally arrive and I am no longer angry at the man on the other end of the line but am rather pleasant about what I find in those gigantic boxes overflowing with fun, creativity and a dented bank account.

I suppose to sum up the above rant- I sew because I can. I create because I want to use my energy and my inspiration to make something that I can share with others. I spend hours in my lovely sewing room with my music on what my father would call the "are you deaf?!!" level and go to it. I take ideas from many sources and mash them together into a single entity called a pretty dress, swirly skirt, comfy tee, or a smashing sweater.I like tie-dye and Wild Party Dresses with splashes of color from neckline to who-knows-where. I want to help make ALL women feel sexy and comfortable all the while encouraging risk-taking and boundary breaking. My philosophy is never disregard something because it has the "it doesn't look like me" appeal while hanging in the store or staring back at you while online shopping. Go for it!!! Wear it once and give it a fair chance. If it still doesn't put a smile on your face-fair enough- it might suck after all. But I really believe it is important as women that we take risks, jump with both feet in and stop spending so much time worrying about what the girl next to you thinks of your outfit.

Unless she's wearing rubber boots with a hot pink tube dress her opinion doesn't matter.